WSEX officially closes; "sinisterly" Apologizes

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WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating F) has finally turned out the lights. The scam sportsbook owes more than $1 million to players. More than 250 players have filed complaints against WSEX with SBR. The once well-regarded company released a brief statement that read more tongue-in-cheek than a sincere acknowledgement of their failures as a business and theft of players.

Snapshot of webite statement on closure:

Sportsbook reported ten days ago that WSEX may have been down for the count, as customer service seemingly abandoned the website, games stopped being graded and players were left wondering if only the automated robot was left manning the phones.

WSEX was downgraded many times by SBR over the years as their financial problems snowballed out of control.

WSEX downgrade history:

5/17/2012 WSEX downgraded from D- to F
3/1/2011 WSEX Sportsbook downgraded from D to D-
7/3/2010 WSEX downgraded from D+ to D
6/7/2010 WSEX downgraded from C- to D+
3/25/2010 WSEX downgraded from C to C-
8/24/2009 WSEX downgraded from B- to C
7/28/2009 WSEX downgraded from B to B-
5/17/2009 WSEX downgraded from B+ to B
4/23/2009 WSEX lowered from A- to B+
3/17/2009 WSEX lowered from A+ to A-

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