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In March of 2009, WSEX players started to see withdrawal delays. Some successfully withdrew their funds while others continued to play with WSEX banking on its stellar reputation and financial track record. The situation worsened as the number of slow-pay complaints submitted to SportsbookReview increased each month. WSEX first attributed the delays to trouble with its banking processors; however, WSEX's financial issues were much more complex as the coming months would show.

WSEX was downgraded 8 times from March of 2009 to July of 2010, and currently sits on a rating of D. | View full WSEX report

52 players have written to SBR requesting withdrawal assistance. In July, 4 players reported payment but an additional 21 WSEX complaints were filed. WSEX owes these players just over $250,000.

Latest WSEX complaint: On April 14th a player asked for $400, and has yet to receive his funds.

WSEX player:

Requested a $400.00 payout on 4/14/10 and have gotten nothing but the run around. They tell me it's bank and they are waiting on them?? I can understand some delay but going on four months give me a break very bad on their part.I talk to them today 8/6/10 and they said it might be a month or longer still. What do I have to wait til 2011?


Matchbook (SBR rating B-)
has serviced post-up players as normal despite WSEX's descent. SBR has no outstanding slow-pay issues to reference from those players.

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