World Cup Prop Betting directory now live

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The FIFA World Cup 2014 Finals in Brazil are less than a month away, but the amount of betting markets are steadily increasing as online sportsbooks attempt to keep up with their competitors by coming out with creative new betting proposition wagers designed to add value to their users and provide more betting opportunities. Sportsbook Review has launched a World Cup Betting directory.

The World Cup Betting directory is comprised of the categories listed below:

Group winner odds

The outright winner market of each World Cup group is listed on the betting directory. These eight side by side grids compare the current market price offered by each online sportsbook and update in real time. Odds will flash upon changing, alternating from red to signify an immediate change, orange for a change recorded 30 seconds ago, with yellow a line to have changed in the last 60 seconds.

Name The Finalists

This market prices all potential final matches. For example, if you decide to forgo the next Powerball lotto ticket in favor of a bet on Costa Rica and France meeting up in the World Cup Final, a $1 bet will pay $7,500 in profit. A $1 bet on Chile and Italy pays $250. A $1 bet on England Russia pays $500. As for more likely outcomes, Argentina vs. Brazil and Brazil vs. Spain are on offer at 8 to 1 and 10 to 1 respectively.

1st time Winner

As the name implies, this market, currently offered by Bet365, prices the likelihood that the winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is a first-time World Cup victor. As of this publication, a bet on the yes pays +350, or 3 and a half times your risk amount.

Stage of elimination

One of the more popular World Cup betting markets, the stage of elimination prop prices all 32 teams point of elimination. For example, Argentina is +1200 to be eliminated in the Group Stage. If they survive, their odds drop to +900 to be eliminated in the last 16. If they are still kicking, they would be on offer at +300 and +350 respectively in the quarters and semi-finals. Argentina would pay +500 as runner-up, and at that stage in the game be +450 to win outright.

Top Goalscorer

Lionel Messi fans, this market is all yours. Messi is the shortest priced player at +800 to be crowned the 2014 FIFA World Cup's top goalscorer. A $100 wager currently pays an average $800.  Odds on every notable player and player on the field sans the ball-boy are on offer. This market is considered more of an exotic one and there is a degree of correlation in the winner likely being on a team forecasted to have a shot to make a deep run or win it all.  In other words, if Clint Dempsey is your favorite footballer but you feel Team USA hasn't the slightest prayer of cutting the mustard in this tournament, hold off on your wager.

Bookmark the World Cup Betting directory to make sure you have the skinny on everything offered by your and somebody elses bookmaker.

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