Wisconsin vs. Duke: A list of Sportsbook Prop Bets

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Wisconsin and Duke play for the college basketball championship tonight to close out the 2015 NCAA Tournament.

The present line has Wisconsin favored by 1. According to SBR Odds, 54% of bets are on Wisconsin to cover the spread.

The total points are listed at 140 - down a half point from the opener, despite 57% of bets coming on the over, highlighting that more sharp action might be coming on the under in the game, as the public has the tendency to blindly bet the over in games with two big offenses.

Seeing that this is the last opportunity for online sportsbooks to record a profit with college basketball, a large variety of interesting betting propositions have been released involving team performance, player performance, and the score.

Players interested in jumping straight to wagering can find the full NCAA Prop Bets list here.

The below list of prop bets are what players are shown in the prop betting directory at Sportsbook Review.com.

Team to score first
Wisconsin or Duke to record the first score. The current line is Wisconsin -125 and Duke -115. The nice thing about this prop betting market is that it has a multitude of combinations, team to score the first 10, 20 or more points. You can even wager on the team who scores last in the game, priced at -110 each side.

Wisconsin vs. Duke: The first 3-point shot?
Wisconsin is a slight favorite to record the first 3-pointer, priced at -125.

Will the total points be odd or even?
Very similar to the famous coin toss betting prop commonly seen in the Super Bowl, there are actually sportsbooks that will accept bets on if the final score lands odd or even, both of which are priced at -110.

Half-time & Full-time
These bets are customarily offered in the soccer betting universe, but they've slowly made their way to major American sports. Essentially it is a combination bet where you wager on the team to be winning at half-time and the team to win the game. Both combinations must be correct for your wager to be graded as a winner. A clean sweep of Wisconsin winning both periods returns +164, so $164 for every $100 wagered. The same wager for Duke pays 14 cents more - a $178 payoff for every $100 wagered.

Winning Margin
There are many different variations of this market. Some online sportsbooks offer it as one giant market, whereas others are two-way. What this means in layman's terms is that if you bet a winning margin as a two-way market, one option will be Wisconsin or Duke to win by a certain number of the points, and a second option will be "any other score" - typically priced very highly. For example, one sportsbook offers Wisconsin to win by 1-5 points at +350, and the any other score side of this is a 5 to 1 favorite.

Will Wisconsin vs. Duke go to Overtime?
This market pays off an average return of 13 to 1. If you believe that the winner is determined through regulation time, then a $2,500 bet is necessary to win $100.

Player to score first point: This market is priced as follows:
 Frank Kaminsky +400
 Jahlil Okafor +400
 Justise Winslow +600
 Quinn Cook +600
 Sam Dekker +600
 Nigel Hayes +700
 Tyus Jones +700
 Bronson Koenig +900
 Josh Gasser +1000
 Matt Jones +1000
 Field (Any Other Player) +250

Total Rebounds by Frank Kaminsky
The line on Frank Kaminsky's rebound stat sheet is 8 -125 - meaning if he records more than 8 rebounds, a $125 bet pays $100.

Total Points by Sam Dekker
The line on Sam Dekker's total points is 16 -120. The under 16 points scored is priced at -110.

As additional prop betting markets are posted by online sportsbooks, SBR will update the Wisconsin vs. Duke prop betting list.

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