Windows 10 Upgrade: Mac Sports Bettors Take Notice

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Today is the official Windows 10 upgrade day. If you're an online sports bettor who uses an older version of Windows and has been given the option to upgrade, you should be all set.

All of the applications - such as some online sportsbooks downloadable casinos or poker clients - should continue to work without a hitch.

However, if your primary device is a Mac and you run Boot Camp (with a legitimate copy of Windows, of course), you should proceed with caution.  To be safe you should back-up your Windows files if you intend on taking advantage of the upgrade.

When stuff just goes wrong
While most of the time the default upgrade process of a Windows partition on a Mac computer goes without a hitch, there are horror stories of lost files that sank somewhere into the digital bermuda triangle of hard drives.

Nowadays sports bettors don't just log-in and bet at one sports website. With so many competitive sportsbook bonus offers and different line sets to choose from, a large percentage of players have their bankroll spread between several shops. The advantage players who open new accounts frequently and who are accustomed at going through the KYC process often keep their most sensitive files on a folder on their C drive.

To avoid hassle, SBR recommends that players either back up their folders on a different hard drive or simply store their most sensitive of files on a portable flash drive.

Players who notice any compatibility issues accessing the downloadable extensions of their sportsbooks casino or poker clients should write to

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