Win4Real theft of player winnings?

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A Win4Real (SBR rating C-) player reports that his winnings are not being honored. On February 26th, the player opened his account with Win4Real, depositing $12,000 via Moneybookers. He increased his balance to $32,000.

On March 7th, Win4Real zeroed the player's balance claiming that he also has a account. Win4Real is part of the Group, which has a rule prohibiting players from having more than one account with the family. | Win4Real dispute

Some sportsbooks do not allow bettors to play with more than one of their own skins, however, the industry standard is to merely merge the accounts. The rule can be a protection against a player redeeming multiple bonuses from the same sportsbook company, or circumventing limits.

The player in this dispute states that his account is unfunded and has been dormant for the last six months.

Win4Real player's comments:

They say they are going to send back deposits but they are still stealing my winnings. If I had lost my deposits they would keep them. I believe they need to honor th e full amount of $32,000 and not site some fine print when I let them know up front that I had played at their sister site. I was told on the phone and by live chat that it was fine to play there even though I had an account at On February 26th I opened an account with and deposited just under $12,000 within the next two days from my Moneybookers account. I played at the site until March 7th and ran my balance up to $32,000. On March 7th they zero'd out my account. I spoke to live chat, they are siting terms and conditions that I cannot play at Win4Real because I also have an account at My account at is unfunded and I have not played there in at least 6 months.

Win4Real sportsbook confiscation update
On February 3rd, 2011 SBR concluded a Win4Real dispute initially reported on December 26th, 2010. SBR found that the player at the center of the dispute defrauded Win4Real. The player claimed to SBR that the bulk of his alleged $90,000 balance was generated from seven-team parlay winnings. After SBR's initial report, the player asked SBR to retract his story due to concerns over his family's well-being. SBR followed through with the investigation, eventually connecting with a Win4Real manager who explained that the player's balance was generated by the manipulation of a cashier glitch which allowed players to transfer in never deposited funds. The player states that the bug was discovered by multiple players and promptly fixed. Win4Real stated that the player who contacted SBR fraudulently obtained his balance, and that the player was not threatened but instead told he would not be paid.

Sister books, Racebook, and Win4Real confiscate player's winnings
In May of 2009, SBR reported that a sports bettor opened accounts at the above three sportsbooks in June of 2008. The player deposited at each and played for five months, making a profit of approximately $20,000. His balances were frozen at each shop. The sportsbooks cited a rule stating that players were only able to have an account at one sportsbook in the Group. SBR advised that the player should have been paid for all wagers booked since the player's funds were at risk., Win4real, and Racebook unanimously agreed not to pay the player any owed winnings. The player never confirmed receiving the entirety of his deposits back from the sportsbooks.

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