Win4Real sportsbook confiscation update

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Win4Real (sportsbook rating C-) complaint update. On December 26th, SBR reported that a player stated Win4Real confiscated $90,000 in winnings from his account. The player told SBR that the bulk of his balance was generated by a seven team parlay. On January 1st, 2011, SBR reported that the player wished to retract his complaint, citing concerns over the well-being of his family. | Win4Real addresses complaint

Win4Real $90,000 confiscation claim
The Win4Real player behind this sportsbook complaint stated that he risked $650 on a winning, seven team parlay. He claims he then proceeded to win an additional $20,000 via the casino. In late 2009, Win4Real suspended the player's account. The player told SBR that the sportsbook had not contacted him with an explanation for its decision.

Win4Real addresses complaint
Win4Real management has refuted the player's claims that his balance was a result of a winning, seven team parlay. Win4Real has stated to SBR that following a software update in the fall of 2009, a bug was discovered by players that allowed funds to be credited to their gaming accounts by manipulating the cashier window with multiple browsers. The bug was allegedly reported by a number of players and promptly fixed. Win4Real states that the player who contacted SBR fraudulently obtained the majority of his balance.

Win4Real Sportsbook:

This stems from a situation in early fall of 2009, when the company had a software update that added a few new features. Included in this release was a new feature with our cashier that unfortunately had a bug. The result of the bug, when discovered, was that it allowed players to credit funds to their account by manipulating the request/cancel withdrawal feature (when opening multiple windows). This was discovered by a very small number of our players; we were alerted to it by several of the players who found it, and we immediately took steps to rectify it.

This gentleman was one of those players who discovered the bug and used it to accumulate funds. The funds that were placed into his account were not derived by game play, wagering or by deposits. As we did with the handful of other players who received funds by manipulating the bug, we negated those deposits from their accounts. We did not touch any legitimate funds in anyone's accounts.

It is as straightforward as that. He found a bug and manipulated it to accumulate funds.The best question to ask the individual is for him to demonstrate where his ‘funds' came from. It's that simple. His legitimate game play did produce a net win and he was paid out all of that. He has never been denied any money that was legitimately his. Again, the crux to this is to have the player demonstrate any legitimate evidence of how he accumulated those funds. He is the only individual of the group who found the bug that has complained about not receiving funds (and he didn't complain until now, over a year later).


SBR has followed up with the player attempting to confirm this latest development, and is requesting additional technical evidence from Win4Real to solidify its defense.

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