Wimbledon Betting List updated today

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Sportsbook Review has published a Wimbledon outright odds list which will also contain proposition wagers for key matches as the tournament progresses.

Wimbledon begins in one week on June 29th.

Below is a summary of the present outright market odds for some of the most popular men's and women's players.

These odds are powered by the Wimbledon betting list at SBR, which update dynamically and do not require a page refresh.

When a cell turns red, it means that the betting odds have changed within the last 30 seconds.

When a cell turns orange, an update was made in the last 45 seconds, and yellow signifies a change within the last minute.

Wimbledon Men's Betting: Outright Winner
World number one Novak Djokovic is priced at an average of +150, meaning a $100 wager returns $150 in profit.

Andy Murray is the second shortest priced player at an average of +275, so $100 returns $275.

Roger Federer is trading at an average price of +700, meaning a $100 wager returns seven times the bet.

Rafael Nadal's Grand Slam odds range from +1200 to +1973.

Stanislas Wawrinka is trading from +1200 to +1800.

Wimbledon Women's Betting: Outright Winner
Serena Williams is trading at a low of +161 and high of +200.

Petra Kvitova is on offer from +350 to +450.

Maria Sharapova is spread from +700 to +947.

Victoria Azarenka is trading from +600 to +1510.

Simona Halep is on offer from +1200 to +2000.

Sportsbook Review will update readers are the outright Wimbledon markets move and new proposition bets are added.

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