WilliamHill Sportsbook Hit With DDoS Attack

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Update 11/4: WillHill has released a new tweet in response to a player saying the following: "Service is still touch & go at the moment, but we're positive that we will be up & running soon."

Users in several countries report still being unable to access their betting accounts. Sportsbook Review is also unable to access the William Hill website as of 12:15PM ET.


British bookmaker William Hill is currently off-line as the sportsbook is being hit with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS).

William Hill publicly acknowledged the situation on their Twitter feed giving details to players on why their service has not been 100% operational the previous 36 hours, causing players to miss out on placing bets.

DDoS attacks are often performed on sportsbooks by attackers hoping to score a ransom payday. The attacks work by overwhelming a site's web server with more requests than the website can handle. While most sportsbooks including WillHill have protection in place to ward off such attacks, hackers with sufficient resources can still cause significant interruption of service.

WillHill released the following tweet concerning the situation:

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