Will VIPSports.eu do the right thing?

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VIPsports.eu report

Sportsbook Review first reported on a wagering dispute aimed at VIPSports.eu (SBR rating D-) in August of 2014. The dispute has been covered many times since and will likely continue to be for as long as it remains only partially resolved.

In a nutshell - a player won approximately $2,000 on Justin Williams winning the Conn Smythe trophy; the NHL equivalent of the playoffs' MVP. The bet was voided and the player's account closed.

The wager was accepted. The odds were fine. The reason? VIPSports maintained that the player's wagering limit was lowered for exotic bets, and that only because of a software glitch was the bet accepted. However, the player never had such a limit communicated with him, and even if he had, it is not a player's responsibility to ask if a wager size is allowed, especially when it is within the posted wagering limits.

The player turned up the pressure on the Sportsbook Review forum, though it was of little use. VIPSports then refused comment to SBR due to backlash they received from players upon previous SBR reports of slow-pay and rough house tactics to winning sports bettors.

Alas, progress was made when SBR connected with the owner of VIPSports' software provider and partial processor, BTG Global NV, which is best known for powering Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D). SBR reported on November 27 that a settlement offer was proposed, and a week later that the player accepted and was paid $1,000, about half of his voided winnings.

However, there is no good reason that he should not have received the total amount owed. Because of this, VIPSports operates a rating a half-letter lower than other sportsbooks under the BTG Global NV umbrella, and is on the avoid list at Sportsbook Review.

SBR is hopeful that the sportsbook will do the right thing. The question is, will they?

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