Will online gambling be the next gay marriage in the US?

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Online gambling has taken its lumps over the years with some politicians steadfastly opposed to its proliferation.

The tide has slowly began turning following the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act ("UIGEA") in 2006 - which made it illegal for gambling businesses to knowingly process transactions for "illegal" sports betting.

There are now perfectly legal forms of online betting in New Jersey and Nevada. New Jerseyans are able to legally bet with online casinos and play poker.

However, Nevada presently has a monopoly over sports betting and sportsbooks in general, due to 23-year-old federal statute The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 ("PASPA").

PASPA limits sports betting nationwide to Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, Montana, and Nevada, though Nevada has the most unrestricted sports betting operation whereas Delaware allows parlay style wagering, which some bettors liken more to lottery style wagering.

Sportsbook Review.com has covered New Jersey's legal fight with the US Justice Department at length in recent years, as the state unsuccessfully tried to join the likes of Nevada and allow casino-goers the option to bet on the outcome of a sporting event.

The major opponent - aside from the federal government and its archaic federal law concerning sports betting on US soil - has been the professional US sports leagues and the NCAA, who believe that widespread stateside gambling will threaten the sanctity of their games and possibly harm earning.

The reality is that sports such as the NFL, which features one of the most wagered on events of the year in the Super Bowl, has become more popular worldwide due to how the game's fast pace is conducive to wagering. In other countries with less restrictive legislation, where a player can freely walk into a betting shop down the street, wagering volume on NFL games approaches the action generated by some soccer leagues (soccer is the most bet upon sport in the world).

With the US political landscape ever-changing and perhaps taking a step closer to the liberties many attribute the ''land of the free'' - even making legal Friday gay marriage in all 50 US states - sportsbook players are hoping for a repeal of restrictive gambling legislation such as PASPA and the UIGEA.

Maybe they'll even bet on it.

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