Will Donald Trump Mention Monica Lewinsky? Sportsbooks Think So

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Tonight's second presidential debate will run parralel with Sunday Night Football's New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers fixure.

The first debate ran during Monday Night football's primetime game and trounced it in ratings.

While there will be a boatload more dollars wagered on the Giants vs. Packers, bookmakers have spread a healthy variety of prop bets on Trump vs. Clinton's second stanza.

Clinton is a -365 favorite to win the election next month after a black cloud has formed over Donald Trump's campaign.

Sportsbooks will let you bet on virtually anything. Will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton mention China first during the course of tonight's 90-minute debate (+165 Clinton)? Which candidate will refer to America first (-110 odds)? Sportsbooks have Trump as an overwhelming favorite at -425 odds to reference Monica Lewinsky, meaning a $425 bet is needed to show a profit of $100.

All of the debate prop bets offered by the industry's top online sportsbooks have been published by Sportsbook Review.

One of the more controversial wagering markets in the first debate was the color of Hillary Clinton's jacket. While red was the clear winner, players had bets cancelled who wagered after Hillary Clinton was shown during the pre-debate broadcast at one bitcoin sportsbook. Players should get their wagers in early on markets that are subject to cancellation if the winning option becomes public knowledge. This hasn't deterred sportsbooks from spreading the same market again for both candidates, however.

Donald Trump's Tie
Red -175
Black +800
Blue +250
White +1400
Gray +600

Hillary Clinton's Blazer
Blue -175
Yellow/Gold +600
Black +1000
Red +3300
White +400
Other Color +400

There is even a "who wins the coin toss" option priced at -105 on both sides. While the coin toss itself is not shown on camera, there is a coin toss pre-debate which determines which candidate will make their opening remarks first.

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