Will Donald Trump Be a Pro-Gambling President? AGA calls for PASPA Repeal

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One of the biggest questions SBR Forum posters have wrestled with since Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President and his subsequently becoming President-Elect is whether or not Trump will be more gambling friendly than the Presidents before him.

The outspoken billionaire businessman hasn't had the magic touch with respect to gaming ventures. The Trump Taj Mahal was once regarded by Trump as the eighth wonder of the world but has been closed since October 10, joining the likes of the similarly shuttered Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Despite his less than stellar track record turning a profit with casino projects specifically, there is a consensus that given his pledge to fix the economy and his previous ties to New Jersey [who are arguing vehemently for legal sports betting in Atlantic City casinos] that Trump might nominate a Supreme Court justice who would support legal sports betting.

SBR Forum posters aren't alone in their calls for sports betting in their backyard, not only in New Jersey but in every US state and not just the select few who enjoy a carve-out from the archaic federal statute PASPA (The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), the American Gaming Association has formally requested that the Trump administration in conjunction with the Supreme Court review and repeal PASPA.

PASPA limits sports betting to Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana, but for all intents and purposes Nevada is the most convenient and accommodating state to place a proper straight-up sports bet or bet with your mobile phone through a casino's website.

While the Trump administration likely has much more to consider than how freely an American can place a sports in-person instead of with an online sportsbook, the appointment of a Supreme Court justice with the right disposition may be enough to shift the tide and legitimize sports betting across the US.

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