Will Bitcoin Reach $3,000 by Football Season?

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Digital currency bitcoin's meteoric rise has continued through the dog days of summer. While bitcoin briefly dropped to the $1,800 level as discussion heated up on a user activated hard fork, bitcoin recovered and is now trending in the upper $2,000's, possibly breaking the $3,000 barrier in the days to come.

Sports bettors with skin in the game have been engaged throughout as many have profited handsomely simply by keeping funds available in bitcoin wallets. Much like the days of universal access to eWallets when players could freely transfer to and from sportsbooks to take advantage of a tempting bonus, players can in short order fire a deposit into a sportsbook through bitcoin to bet an advantageous line and then request payment after the game is graded.

Most of the online sportsbooks listed in the bitcoin review page at SBR pay players before the close of the business day, while others take up to 24-72 hours. Either way, bitcoin's convenience is night and day compared to options such as cheque which are prone to processing delays, clearance issues, and more scrutiny.

Players can filter online sportsbooks by their bitcoin procedures using the online sportsbooks rating guide. The major difference between online companies that accept bitcoin is that sportsbooks which deal exclusively in bitcoin leave players exposed to the fluctuations in bitcoin's price, whereas traditional sportsbooks that convert bitcoin to fiat currency offer players a safety net in the case of bitcoin tanking.

To read more about how to get started using bitcoin for the first time, check out the below video or jump to a written tutorial. Players with questions on bitcoin or who would like to read from others on their first-hand experiences may want to visit the bitcoin discussion forum at Sportsbook Review.

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