Why Teaser Bets Are So Popular With Sports Bettors

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Sports bettors are always searching for an edge. The name of the game is profit. One instrument in most advantage player's toolbox is known as the teaser.

What is Teaser Betting?
Teasers are popular wagers that give sports bettors reduced point spreads for favorites and added points for underdogs. The most popular teaser, known as a 'Wong' teaser, involve home favorites of 6.5 to 8.5 points, and home underdogs of 1.5 to 2.5 points. The name comes from gambling author Stanford Wong; the wagers were made famous in his book "Sharp Sports Betting".

A normal six-point teaser would then reduce the spread to less than a field goal in the first scenario, and greater than a touchdown in the second scenario.

A minimum of two teams must be added to a valid teaser.

 In the old glory days of the sportsbook industry, when players hunted for sportsbook bonuses plus reduced vigorish, a conventional Wong teaser paid out at even money. The average nowadays for this teaser is -110, so $110 to win $100, and many sportsbooks have ''teaser defense'' where they will cross key numbers automatically.

Super Teaser Bets
Super teasers are basically teaser wagers on steroids. A super teaser is any teaser that adds ten points or more to each teaser leg. There is a minimum of three teams in this type of bet.

Teaser Betting Resources
Compare teaser odds from sportsbooks using Sportsbook Review.

To learn more about betting on NFL or College Football  teasers, visit the how to bet on sports guide.

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