Why Sportsbooks That Convert Bitcoin to USD Are a Better Bet

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Players who are using sportsbooks that convert bitcoin deposits transactions to USD are not impacted by bitcoin downswings, and have no reason to fear negative bitcoin headlines.

At the time a bitcoin deposit is placed by sportsbooks that convert BTC to USD, a player is no longer affected by fluctuations to bitcoin pricing. SBR has a rating guide filter for these companies.

For example: Once a deposit of 1 bitcoin is made, a sportsbook would apply the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction, and then at that point the balance is tracked in dollars.

While traders may enjoy speculating on the price of bitcoin and be inclined to deposit with bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks, the average sports bettor who wants to be protected from the daily swings of bitcoin should simply select a sportsbook that converts bitcoin deposits to their local currency.

SBR Forum members often discuss the pros and cons of using bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks in the bitcoin sports betting message-board, as well as speculate on the future of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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