Why sportsbook ratings truly matter

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Sportsbook Review.com occasionally receives mail from players who are upset with their sports betting website of choice.

Half of these complaints are filed by players who feel they are getting the runaround; the complaints involve payout speed, bonus disputes, efficacy of customer service, and disagreements of all shapes and sizes.

Breaking the complaints down to their core and analyzing the type of sportsbooks these issues are raised against, more often than not, the issues players have are with poorly rated online sportsbooks.

Players looking for reliable and quick payouts should avoid betting sites with documented financial trouble or recent processing issues, such as shown in the complaints filed against Sportsbook.com - the place that advertises it is the betting site where "everybody bets" - where users are being forced to wait three to five weeks to receive their funds.

No online sportsbook rated B+ or higher has such an extensive waiting time for payouts to be processed.

Sportsbook Review conducts a poll twice a year surveying players to rank betting sites by customer service, payout reliability, bonus strength, and wagering cart offerings; over 150 SBR members voted in November's poll, and the top five sports betting sites carry an SBR rating of A or higher.

Ratings are not formed overnight, nor are they for sale, as some dodgy bookmakers and "watchdog" sites will have you believe. SBR considers feedback from players, conducts comprehensive reviews, and verifies company corporate structures before moving a sportsbook into the recommended list.

It really is simple: If you want to be paid and on time, sticking with a well-rated sportsbook that has features tailored to your liking is the smartest play long-term and the best course for your bankroll.

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