Why Sportsbook KYC is Required: 2017 Edition

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One of the most common sportsbook complaints Sportsbook Review receives are from players who are having issues going through the Know Your Customer (KYC) or verification process with online sportsbooks.

Online sportsbooks perform KYC to satisfy the terms of their gaming licenses and to help reduce fraud.

Let's assume someone stole your credit card: Wouldn't you want to know that the merchant performed their due diligence before running the transaction, like asking for ID to make sure that the person making the purchase had the authorization to use the card?

It is no different with online sportsbooks. However, KYC does not have to be overly complicated or a source of agony. The below steps will help you breeze through the process with your online sportsbook.

Use a High Quality Scanner or Mobile Device
One of the number one reasons a sportsbook rejects a player's document is that it is unreadable. Make sure your scanned document shows all four corners and is set to high quality. In the event that you do not have access to a scanner, simply use your mobile phone to take a snapshot of the document.

Keep Commonly Requested Documents Stored on a USB Drive
It is already known ahead of time that if you're going to be depositing by way of anything aside from bitcoin, you will be asked to show your ID, a utility bill, the front and back of your credit card, or a snapshot of the deposit(s) made through eWallet. Keep your documents stored on a USB/flash drive to reduce the amount of time it takes to take and email scans.

Take a Selfie With Your Documents
Pretend that you're Kylie Jenner for a day and take a selfie ... holding one or all of the above documents.

Send Documents After Making Deposit
One of the things that trips players up more than anything and which annoys them is when sportsbooks delay processing a withdrawal on account of needing the player to go through the verification process. Players feel like it is easy to deposit, but that hoops have to be jumped through to get paid. The simple way around this is to submit the commonly requested documents ahead of time, right after making your deposit. This way you can focus on your next bet being a winner and not sweating whether or not you'll have an issue going through the KYC process.

Have Documents Notarized
Players who live in "high risk" countries or who have had trouble before getting verified at a sportsbook may want to have their documents certified ahead of time.

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