Why Some Sports Bettors Play with Crappy Sportsbooks

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The SBR Sportsbook forum often razzes players who post disputes with low-rated sportsbooks, such as the bettors waiting months to receive payment from Sportsbook.ag (SBR rating D-), by asking why bother getting involved with a crappy outfit in the first place?

Believe it or not, players have their reasons.

The following does not apply to the average Joe, but rather a breed of players - masochists if you will - who seek out low-rated online sportsbooks intentionally. You might think that this sounds nuts or that these players have a sports betting death wish, but there are legitimate reasons that players mix it up with sportsbooks most wouldn't think twice of depositing with.

Below are the top three reasons players roll the dice on depositing with these sportsbooks.

They have accounts everywhere ... seriously, everywhere
Some online sports bettors have more accounts opened than they can keep track of. This is why during sportsbook disputes players might get mixed up remembering details from a wager placed at one sportsbook, or why during random phone calls players cannot immediately provide the correct answers regarding their play, and subsequently have their accounts closed for suspicion of being "beards" for someone else.

But, why do players need so many accounts? Aren't the betting sites like those listed in the best sportsbooks list enough to satisfy that itch to place a sports bet? The answer is simple: These players need bonuses like most of us working stiffs need days off. When 25% of your bankroll is tied up with online sportsbooks that are not likely to make it into the last quarter of 2016, players need every edge possible to offset the cost of doing business. Most online sportsbooks only reward a deposit bonus when creating your account, especially for players identified as being more sophisticated than your average face painter. Bonuses, small edges, and seizing every incentive possible is as important to these bettors as handicapping is for the rest of us.

They need variety that the big boys don't feel the need to offer
There is no need for the Bellagio to offer lines that are 20% better than the competition, because they legitimately bring in enough business and are known as one of the top resorts in town. The same holds with online sportsbooks: Bookmakers that have proven themselves and rank on most players short lists for the best operations in town do not need to bend over backwards to beg players to deposit, they don't need to distribute small free plays to the nomads of forumville or offer no vig lines and bonuses and this and that. Sportsbooks that are established are confident enough that their reputations, consistent service, and financial track records will be enough to entice players to play and keep playing.

They need to strike with precision before taking their act elsewhere
Bettors who make their living playing with sportsbooks can't go home with the same girl every night. They need to spot an off-line at one website, pounce it for the limit, and when that account is closed or limited for the frowned upon play, then move on to another online sportsbook and rinse/repeat the cycle. One sportsbook account does not allow for this playing style to work with any degree of success.

Like all things in life, with extreme risk comes extreme reward. These players might be at greater risk of being stiffed, but they care more about diversifying their bankroll and dealing with that risk than eking out a living winning 53% of bets with the same sportsbook.

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