Why SBR Forum is a Must-read Before Choosing a New Sportsbook

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With hundreds of betting sites to choose from, it can be a taxing process to manually review each and every sportsbook to decide which company is right for you. Using Sportsbook Review, the process is simplified and streamlined.

But before getting to all of the resources that allow bettors to filter by specific feature to find the right fit, SBR recommends players consider the court of public opinion.

SBR Forum has over 500,000 registered members. These users participate in the sportsbook & industry forum by sharing their feedback on which online sportsbooks they consider to be the best. A standing of the top five sports betting sites is displayed atop the posting forum; these results are the sportsbooks users voted as best overall in this year's poll.

Players can also view the December 2016 live sportsbook payout tracking thread to see how long it is taking sportsbooks to honor withdrawals and at what cost. Methods such as bitcoin enables sportsbooks to pay players the same day and for free, so sportsbooks lacking in the cashier department may not be desirable for users looking to place a bet without costly fees or having to wait many days or weeks to be paid.

Many review websites which have sprouted up overnight may not necessarily have player's best interests in mind, which is why the power of the community and voices of SBR Forum members should be considered before pulling the trigger on where to send your hard-earned funds.

Sportsbook Review was launched in 1999 as a betting site industry watchdog and player advocate. Users in need of assistance with betting sites should file a sportsbook complaint form.

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