Why Players Should Avoid Blacklisted Sportsbooks

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Betting websites on the Sportsbook Review blacklist have proven over time that they are undeserving of player business.

The sportsbooks, which hold a present SBR rating from D- to F, are ten times as likely to slow-pay players than betting sites in good standing.

In addition to snail-like payout time, the betting sites on the blacklist don't simply stop there: Blacklisted bookies have outright stolen player winnings. Oddsmaker (SBR rating F) has confiscated over $250,000 from winning players simply because they were considered unprofitable customers (they actually won).

Sportsbook.ag (SBR rating D-) might pay average joes on time (up to 8 weeks for a cheque), but the betting site remains on the blacklist for confiscating over $140,000 in parlay wins back in 2006 that it claimed were wagers accepted due to a software bug.

Online sportsbooks on the blacklist also have some of the worst indusry wide customer service with pushy and poorly trained clerks that do not have user experience in mind.

Sportsbook Review strongly urges players to shop for a well-rated online sportsbook using the sportsbook rating guide to avoid issue and worry instead on the next sports pick being a winner instead of if the betting site will pay at all.

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