Why the Heritage Sports Live Betting Platform is Among the Best

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Heritage Sports (SBR rating A+) offers one of the most robust live betting platforms.

Sportsbook Review reported earlier this summer when Heritage was in the process of rolling out its updated live betting platform. Since that time, the sportsbook has focused on adding numerous markets for events taking place across the globe.

Unlike some sports betting sites which offer just a limited amount of wagers during commercial breaks, Heritage offers real-time wagering throughout the game so that bettors have the opportunity to wager as the game unfolds.

As some experienced handicappers in the SBR Handicapper Think Tank section have noted, live wagering offers players the ability to add to their position or even reduce their exposure on a game based on what they see after the opening kickoff or whistle.

Below are screen captures of some in-running markets at Heritage Sports.

List of Live Markets

The above view allows players to see the game time and period, current score, along with the three major full game betting markets by default. For all live wagering markets associated with each event, a counter in the far right corner shows how many additional markets are offered on the game. Players can click the favorite star icon to add specific games to their favorites view.

Favorites View

The favorites page shows all ongoing and upcoming live events categorized by sport. To remove an event group, simply double click the favorite star. Odds highlight green and red without having to refresh the page.

Bet Slip

Click on the side or total you'd like to wager and the bet slip automatically populates in the right corner of the screen. The stake amount can be entered manually or by using the bet slider. To place an individual bet, click place bet, and to enter multiple wagers simultaneously click Process All Bets at the bottom of the bet slip.

Options for Wagers

As sports bettors know, sometimes you simply run out of time getting a live wager down, which can be a frustrating experience if you were a half-second late because of fat fingering your wager. At Heritage Sports, you can get around this by enabling "Accept any" odds change, which means that whether the line moves in your favor or against you, you will be able to get a bet in. However, the default is set to "Accept if increase", which means when the player has the best of the odds change. You may also choose "Don't accept on change", meaning that if there is a price adjustment as you click place bet, the wager will not go through. It is entirely up to the player.

Event Page View (click image for full view)

The page which lists all markets associated with an event shows a live scoreboard. The bets you added to your bet slip but have yet to place remain visible, meaning you can still wager on an in-running hockey side at the same time you shop for all betting markets on an NBA game.

Search for a Live Market

Simply enter the league or event you'd like to search, and the events automatically appear on the screen for you to select or add to your favorites page.

Recent Heritage Sports News
SBR reported this football season that Heritage Sports now offers deposits in eight digital currencies in addition to bitcoin, including Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dodgecoin, Ether, Ether classic, Litecoin, Monero, and Ripple.

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