Why do betting sites lower wagering limits: Is it for winning?

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Sportsbook Review receives complaints from readers occasionally who are upset that their wagering limits have been lowered at their betting site of choice. The questions these players often ask is what can be done about being limited, and why does it happen in the first place? Is it the online sportsbooks way of cheating them?

Why do betting sites lower wagering limits?
One of the most widely held and common misconceptions is that betting sites lower wagering limits because players are winning. If a sportsbook is adequately bankrolled, driving up volume and establishing a good selection of markets to boost player activity is the primary goal. So, why then are limits lowered? There is no "universal" answer, as limits are applied on an account to account basis, but there is a better question to ask: What could I have done to NOT be limited? Examples of that would include the following:

Only betting bad lines: Does there need to be a glaring error for you to give the house a little action? Will you bet a normal, market average line?

Chasing Steam: Do you have twelve monitors hooked up to line monitoring services such as SBR Odds to watch as lines are updated and pounce on the first betting site that is slower to update their action in-line with the rest of the market?

Avoiding exotic bets: Have you ever wagered a teaser? Do you even know what a pleaser is? Even if you seldom bet bad lines or chase steam, how varied your play is with wager types is an indicator to risk managers of how likely you are to be a long-term winning or losing customer.

Betting the max on obscure markets: If the extent of your action is max betting a handball match taking place somewhere in Warsaw, then don't expect to be able to tee off on handball for very long. However, the more active you are in mixing up your play the more likely you will fly under the radar of even the most active risk managers.

Wagering Size: Always betting the maximum posted limit means one of two things: You're a whale or a sharp. Betting $20 here and $200 there is less likely to trigger a manual review.

What happens once my wagering limit is lowered: Grounds for a complaint?
In most all cases, once a limit has been lowered, that limit will remain for the lifetime of your account. However, there's no rule against simply writing an email asking for a manager. Maybe you did something inadvertently and drew a flagging (better than a flogging) or there's a way you can be given a second chance.

There are some exceptions. If you are two wagers deep into a massive rollover requirement and your limits have been slashed to $50 a game, the sportsbook should either give you a chance at more reasonable limits, or simply prorate the bonus and send you on your way. At the end of the day, betting sites can run their business as they see fit, it is not a guaranteed right of service. But, like all things in life, being pleasant and nice could help in any correspondence with an account manager.

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