Why Blacklisted Betting Sites Are a Bad Bet

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Blacklisted sportsbooks maintain sportsbook ratings from the scale of D- to F.

A sportsbook that appears on the blacklist has established over time that it has problems paying winners in a timely fashion. Betting sites with chronic slow pay problems hold a rating of D-.

Sportsbooks on the blacklist also include betting sites that have confiscated winning balances from players simply because they were up long-term or considered unprofitable customers. One of the biggest offenders in this regard is Oddsmaker.ag, a betting site which is marketed out of Canada and which has decided not to pay more than $250,000 in earned winnings to players. Betting sites such as Oddsmaker hold SBR ratings of F, the absolute worst rating level.

Blacklisted sportsbooks also include betting sites on shaky standing that are associated with companies that have closed without paying winners what they were owed. In today's industry unscrupulous operators will literally move from one cubicle to the next or reboot their operation with a customer list and new domain laden with outlandish bonus advertisements.

Sportsbook Review urges players to deal only with betting sites that have established that they are worth the investment of hard-earned cash. Users can search for reputable companies in the sportsbook rating guide, which includes Amazon style filters for narrowing down a search for a betting site that suits your needs, or through the best sportsbook list which includes only companies that have operated six years or longer and have stayed in good standing with members of the SBR community.

The top right of this article displays the betting sites voted in the top five of the most recent SBR Forum community poll for top online sportsbooks. Sportsbook Review conducts polls of forum members seasonally as some betting sites have proven most efficient during baseball season whereas others shine more during the American football part of the sports calendar.

SBR encourages online sports gamblers who are currently having trouble getting paid or who have an issue with their current bookmaker to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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