Which Type of Sports Bettor Are You?

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There's more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to break into your online sportsbook's piggy bank.

Before making a deposit this NBA season, ask yourself the following question: What type of sports bettor are you? Once you've come to grips with the type of player you are, you can focus on honing your craft and sharpening your skill set as an online sports gambler.

Billy Walters wasn't Billy Walters the very first bet he placed. He became Billy Walters over time by making intelligent decisions and wagering when he had the best of it.

Sportsbook Review has broken down the types of players most commonly encountered in the sports betting world. Which one are you right now, and who do you want to be after the end of the NBA season?

The Professional
You've got eleven monitors hooked up to SBR Odds monitoring each odds fluctuation and are ready to pounce on a sportsbook line. You are actively comparing the value between each market and understand that when you can risk $105 instead of $110 on a given side, you are doing your long-term bankroll a favor. Small edges matter, simply ask any Las Vegas casino how they make their livings.

The Face Painter
Your closet could be mistaken for an official team locker room and you've DVRed every regular season game that your team has played even back to the VHS days. You could probably moonlight as a beat writer for your favorite team and know more than half of the coaching staff about each player's strengths and weaknesses. You don't bet on your favorite team much to avoid mixing business with pleasure but do enjoy sprinkling some coin on their winning the NBA Championship.

The Semi Pro
Gambling is a way to supplement your income. You aren't ready to quit your job and don't spend every waking hour gambling, but you understand the basics of shopping for the best odds, using handicapping tools such as SBR's betting calculators, and exchanging ideas with other sports bettors at SBR Forum.

The Bonus Chaser
You've scanned all 200+ betting sites in the rating guide and have rolled the dice even on poorly rated sportsbooks. You are the ambulance chaser of the online sportsbooks industry and look to make a buck wherever possible, even if the fate of your account balance is hanging in the balance. The chase is better than the catch some of the time, but it's a calculated risk and one you're comfortable with when seeking sportsbook bonuses.

The Guy Who Thinks The Refs Are Crooked
You've never seen a game you think was officiated fairly, except for maybe the games which you cashed a ticket. You think sports games are as rigged as Donald Trump maintains the Presidential election is and that the referees are conspiring against your selected side. The name Tim Donaghy reinforces your position when betting on basketball.

No matter which of the above you identify with, make sure you've got the best of it this NBA season and deal with only the industry's best sportsbooks.

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