Which Sportsbooks Are Best For Parlay Wagers?

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Parlays and football go together as well as meat and potatoes, though vegetarians may prefer teaser bets.

Sportsbook Review has a free parlay odds calculator which compares what the true odds are for any parlay wager from two to fifteen sides, allowing sports bettors to verify if they are getting the best of it with their online sportsbook of choice.

The parlay odds directory shows the parlay payouts offered at top rated sportsbooks — sportsbooks that maintain the highest rating with SBR and have long track records of fairly treating players and paying in a timely fashion. Bettors that want to make sure they are getting the most bang for their buck can use the page to measure what a $10 or $100 wager would pay if a multi-leg parlay cashes.

For example, at one A+ rated website, a $100 bet would return a sizable $9,142 in profit. A handful of sportsbooks even offer players the option to include up to 25 legs in their parlay.

Parlays can be an effective way for players to sprinkle action on multiple games, especially with games taking place at the same time. Straight bettors might prefer under normal circumstances to wager on one game and then rollover their winnings onto the next game, but parlays allow players to have action on as much of the NFL or College Football card as they desire, for a much smaller investment than wagering on games individually.

There are frequent discussions in the Handicapper Think Tank about the best way to parlay games or add to your edge as a sharp bettor. Join the discussions with like-minded sports bettors by creating a free SBR Forum account.

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