Which online sportsbook is right for me?

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Sportsbook Review has ratings on more than 200 sports betting websites and a complete history of more than 1,000 total betting sites that closed their doors in the last decade. The sportsbook rating guide was developed in 2002 and allows players to compare sportsbooks based on the things which matter to them.

When you really break it down to its core, a sports betting account is no different than a brokerage account; the right amount of research and sound investing in a company or sports team can make all the difference between a healthy bankroll or a depleted one.

Sportsbooks rated D- to F for example are quite similar to gambling with penny stocks; long run financial success dealing with these sportsbooks is highly unlikely, whereas playing with the blue chip, solid online sportsbooks with documented history are likely to keep your funds just as safe as JP Morgan Chase or any solid bank, especially if the sportsbook is properly licensed and regulated.

The better the online sportsbook selected from the comparison guide, the more perks can be expected such as sportsbook bonuses that ultimately help your bankroll flourish. When correctly predicting sports picks is so difficult as betting lines are sharper than Guy Fieri's knives, every perk helps.

Things may not go as planned especially if you are less risk-averse and deposit with a less than stellar online sportsbook. Players who find themselves in a pickle with an online sports betting website can seek help by submitting sportsbook complaint with SBR. While not all online sportsbooks maintain active communication with SBR, players can be pointed in the right direction of what to do next.

Player feedback is welcomed. Write to mail@sportsbookreview.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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