When scam sportsbooks strike & using discretion with Bonuses

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Players who are hunting for a new sportsbook and are considering the available cash or free play bonuses on offer need to be very careful: There are scam sportsbooks looking for any reason not to pay and who attempt to lure in new bunsiness by upping the size of their bonuses.

Most often, the patterns these sportsbooks stick to can be learned and avoided with the help of research and considering the rating system at Sportsbook Review.com.

Scam sportsbooks often ramp up their bonus around high seasons in the sports world and around marquee events; for example, there is a considerable uptick around the part of the sports calendar where playoffs and finals start.

D- rated Sportsbook.com - who are slow-paying 25+ players at the moment - runs most of their marketing mailers around these spots on the sports calendar.

Super Bowl is another event that attracts a lot of new business and prompts sportsbooks that know they cannot compete with the big boys who have been established for years with solid customer bases and who don't survive on bonuses.

That's not to say there isn't a place for bonuses or that top online sportsbooks don't look to compete with one another with perks: They certainly do, and this is why Sportsbook Review launched a comprehensive best bonuses guide for players to consider sportsbooks by rating.

SBR recommends however that players stick with sports betting websites ranked B+ to avoid issues come withdrawal time. An easy rule of thumb to follow is to avoid every sportsbook on the SBR blacklist.

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