When Randomly Betting Games Goes Wrong

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A Sportsbook Review reader thought he was in the clear when the score ended 17-17 in a Rugby Union match.

He doesn't follow rugby, or even understand the rules of the game, but was hunting for some late night action and decided to take a stab at what looked like decent odds.

He sweated most of the match out with his team trailing, and rejoiced when the game ended in a tie. One problem: His bet was graded as a loss.

"I searched up and down the sportsbook rules page, it said that unless otherwise stated, pointspread bets that end in ties get voided. The book screwed me," the player vented.

Unfortunately for him, there would be no rule listed in the terms and conditions that could be applied to his favor. First, the player wagered the moneyline, not a pointspread, and second, his wager was 3-way, meaning that you could make a bet on odds for Team A, Team B, or the draw.

As it turned out, the online sportsbook graded the bet correctly.

It is important for players to do their homework before placing any bet. It could be the case that there are no other games on the board for hours and there's an irresistible itch to get started on your sportsbook bonus rollover, but not knowing the basic grading rules of the sport you're betting could lead to headaches that take the fun out of betting.

If it sounds discouraging, don't let it be. Sportsbook Review has many free resources available to help educate sports bettors on all things betting, including a public Handicapper Think Tank forum where bettors can chat and exchange strategies with each other.

Editor's note: The above story was a dramatization of a recent complaint submitted by an SBR reader. Some details have been changed.

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