What is eSports Betting?

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What is eSports betting? eSports betting refers to wagering on video game competitions.

The question was recently asked by a curious sports bettor at SBR Forum.

While a number of the responses jabbed a little at the type of players who enjoy eSports, either from a competitive or betting standpoint, eSports appears only to be gaining steam in being considered a legitimate sportsbook market.

One SBR Forum poster had this to say: "All you need to know: -penny limits -prevalent match fixing -tons of voided bets -equivalent to Nathans hot dog eating contest betting."

While some of that opinion may be spot on, Sportsbook Review reported on an $18.6 million prize-pool attached to the Dota 2 International 2016 tournament, so eSports is not likely to go away anytime soon.

Sportsbooks have not all gotten on board so far, though many who have promote eSports regularly and believe that eSports will soon be a household name, at least among those who would normally be inclined to wager on a sporting event.

One downside regarding eSports betting is that there is not a central Vegas standard for betting lines, leading to cancellations of wagers when bookmakers feel players have taken shots at bad odds. Given that there is less of a consistent market standard in many eSports gaming prop bets, when lines fluctuate rapidly, players feel that they have wagered leg

One reality of eSports betting is that markets fluctuate much more rapidly than is the case with major American sports markets that have sufficient volume and more consistent line movement; lines might fluctuate by 200% in eSports leading bookmakers to cancel wagers that players argue were good at the time.

Bettors can compare a total of 66 sportsbooks offering eSports using the sportsbook rating guide.

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