WagerWeb offers settlement in correlated parlays case

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WagerWeb Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) has issued a settlement offer to the player in the much publicized correlated parlay dispute which was first reported in December of 2009. The player made a series of highly correlated same-game parlay wagers that offered a substantial edge; bets that are not customarily accepted. WagerWeb cited their house rules in voiding the play.

WagerWeb uses ASI betting software, which gives the ability to limit the amount of correlation offered in parlays. For example, a bettor would be prevented from parlaying a combination where the pointspread exceeded a given percentage of a total, as well as typical restrictions such as including the first half with the full game. It was never determined if the bets were accepted as a result of a software glitch or lines manager failure in not setting the software correctly.

The player's argument has been that these bets were accepted and graded, and that the WagerWeb rules were overly general and could apply to all parlay bets. The rule cited by WagerWeb at the time reads as follows:

"Correlated Bets: WagerWeb does not accept any bet that is considered a correlated multiple, or parlay; even if it was a system error or a clerk’s mistake, it will be considered no action win or lose. A parlay will be considered correlated when 2 or more parts can affect each other’s outcome."

WagerWeb amended this rule, seemingly to address the type of situations the player exploited. The rule now reads:

"No parlay will be accepted where one or more parts are correlated with each other, as in the 1st half of the Game to the Game Itself, or where there is a 30% ratio within the Spread and the Total of the same game. At the same time in the case of Baseball and Hockey, no sportsbook bet will be accepted when betting the Spread to the Total of the same game."

The player's winnings from these correlated bets were approximately $9,578.60. He also had $1,700 in his balance which was not as a result of these bets.

WagerWeb offered to refund $4,400 worth of 2009 deposits as well as the $1,700, for a total of $6,100, more than 50% of the player's balance. The player has refused to accept this offer. Management confirms that the offer will remain on the table and states that it is looking to put the issue behind them.

WagerWeb was upgraded to the rating of C- after more than three years with no major issues and above average player feedback. No current WagerWeb player disputes are on file. WagerWeb players with feedback are asked to write to SBR.

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