WagerWeb cold cases, SBR Industry News report

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In today's SBR Industry News video report, analysts Natalie Rydstrom and Justin7 discuss outstanding sportsbook complaints from the SBR mailbag. The segment today covers payout complaints, bonus issues, as well as two outstanding cold case disputes from WagerWeb Sportsbook (SBR rating D+).

In the first case, the WagerWeb player claims to be owed $2,500 from a botched payout request in 2011. The player requested a $5,000 banking payout which never arrived.

WagerWeb reportedly told the player the funds were held up due to a processing situation and credited the player half the payout in what they claim was good faith. The player maintains never having received the original bank payout, whilst WagerWeb is fearful the player is attempting to be overpaid. SBR advised WagerWeb to provide proof that the original payment was sent.

The second dispute involves a funds confiscation of more than $9,500 in winnings from a player that bet correlated parlays at WagerWeb. WagerWeb claimed that a software bug from ASI enabled the player to make the advantage plays.

WagerWeb players with feedback are asked to write to help@sportsbookreview.com.

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