Wagerweb addresses latest slow-pay dispute

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Wagerweb Sportsbook news

Wagerweb Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) has addressed the latest slow-pay complaint published on the SBR newswire feed. SBR reported on Friday that a player claimed to have six $3,000 check withdrawals pending from the betting site as far back as May 29 - 132 days ago. Wagerweb did not acknowledge what contributed to the delay.

An additional payout will reportedly be en route soon.

The complaint is similar to one reported by SBR last week. A user claimed that he had waited over 100 days for a check withdrawal. This withdrawal was then cancelled in favor of multiple Person to Person withdrawals; SBR has inquired on if the fees would be waived in light of Wagerweb's inability to finish the payout through the originally requested method.

SBR initially reported on 22 September 2014 that Wagerweb customer service staffs were quoting 60 business days for check payouts. The maximum that can be withdrawn via this method is $3,000, which comes at a $65 fee per transaction. Person to Person withdrawals meanwhile have $50 fees yet a maximum payout of $750 and $800 respectively. These withdrawals are generally processed in one day, making it the more popular albeit costly option. Additionally, select users are no longer able to redeem payouts through P2P, forcing them to cope with the prolonged wait times for check withdrawals.

SBR has asked Wagerweb for comment on if it expects payout waiting times to improve in the near future. The betting site has declined comment.

Wagerweb players in need of assistance with a payout should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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