Wagering on MLB Postseason? Read This First

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The MLB Postseason is one week away and sports gamblers looking to sprinkle some action on the games should be advised that not all MLB betting sites are created equal.

Sportsbook Review has established a list of the betting sites considered best for wagering on baseball and listed them in accordance to their MLB linesets.

Put simply, the best baseball sportsbooks offer what's known as a dimeline — a reduced vig line that requires a player to risk less to profit the same amount, and saves money in both the immediate and long-term. Seasoned sports gamblers know that every small edge counts, and as the old saying goes, walk down any block in the Las Vegas strip and look up to see why.

An MLB dimeline means that a betting site charges about a 5% commission on a pick em line. Its namesake comes as this result in a 10 cent spread difference between the price associated with the favorite and underdog. Example: The Nationals and Bluejays are on offer at -120/+110, this is a traditional MLB dimeline.

There is no reason to bet with a baseball sportsbook that would offer a 20 cent line instead, unless you simply like making bookmakers richer at the expense of your bankroll. Bettors can also view linesets in real-time by looking at the MLB Betting Odds grid.

The betting websites shown on the best baseball sportsbooks list also offer options the run of the mill sportsbooks do not, including specially discounted overnight lines, reverse run lines, 5-inning lines, reduced juice totals, grand salami totals, and team totals. Whatever your preference for wagering on America's favorite pastime, the grid has all options covered.

To measure online sportsbooks by their World Series Odds, visit the MLB betting futures grid.

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