VivaMacau update: sportsbook still offline with player funds

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Two new VivaMacau (unrated) complaints have been received since SBR's report on 1/12. VivaMacau has been offline with player funds in limbo for more than two weeks. | View full VivaMacau player complaints.

Player comments:

I was lost any hope that somebody will help me about this sportsbook when i saw your last breaking news.This sportsbook is down for over 2 balance there is 700(euro),they don't reply to my emails. I contact KGI and Mergegaming,but they told me that they will pay only to the poker players who have had accounts there,and they don't know about the players with balance in the sportsbook.That's all info i have about vivamacau.Thanks for the future help.


I have a complaint regarding sportsbook vivamacau,it's down for over 2 weeks, and they don't respond to my emails,i have over 2000 euros there.the interesting part is that i received 1500 euros 1 day before the site went
down.if you could help me in some way,i will appreciate that.Thanks


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