yet to settle wagering complaint, $1,000 owed

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Sportsbook Review has reported extensively on's decision not to pay $1,000 to a winning player who profited wagering an NHL prop two seasons ago.

The online sportsbook claimed that a player was guilty of circumventing their wagering limits by wagering $300 on a player winning the NHL equivalent of the playoffs' MVP. One big problem: The player was never told that he was supposedly limited to wagering $100 on proposition betting markets.

He insists that had he known the wager violated his profile settings, he would have simply bet the allowed sum. -- not to be confused with the original VIPSports which closed in 2011 -- believes that he is a sharp player who took advantage of a software flaw, but was never able to conclusively show that the player had any reason to believe $300 was sneaking one in.

As a result of their handling, which saw the sportsbook try to settle for half of the amount owed, the online sportsbook has remained on the SBR blacklist at the mark of D-. There is simply no excuse whatsoever in today's industry to void winning bets. 

With so many reputable online sportsbooks to choose from, players are urged to consider the sportsbook rating of a company before depositing hard-earned funds. The sportsbook rating guide lists rankings on more than 200 active online sportsbooks.

Until agrees to settle this complaint and operates with no other reports of unjust confiscations, they will remain on the blacklist. SBR has tried to escalate the player's complaint to the owner of their processing and software host BTG Global NV, who power sportsbook Dimeline Sports and Kingdom Casino, but BTG is unwilling to force VIP's hand to pay the remaining 50% of what the winning player is owed. players with feedback should write to

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