provides new facts in old betting dispute

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The owner of BTG Global, the software company which manages and provides processing for a stable of online sportsbooks, has revisited an old wagering dispute previously reported on by Sportsbook Review against

The complaint centered around a player who believed that his earned winnings were unfairly prorated, instead of the bonus he received.

At the time, SBR reported that the player deserved to be paid all winnings and have his bonus prorated - in line with industry standard, with the assumption that the player's winnings were accumulated through his own deposit.

It has now been put forth that the player lost his starting deposit and dipped into his bonus cash to proceed with his wagers.

Upon filing his complaint, the player maintained that he wagered entirely with his deposited funds, with his balance dropping as low as $300. At the time, first repeated the following rule to Sportsbook Review:

VIP Sports rule: "Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses revoked and be subject to further sanctions."

SBR then concluded with its newswire and subsequent video report that the sportsbook owed $1,300 to the player.

Unhappy with SBR's interpretation of industry standard, BTG Global's head of operations requested a re-evaluation of the report and noted that he attempted to make this clear during the time.

SBR has contacted the player who filed the complaint to readdress the numbers he initially provided to SBR; if there is no dispute as to the fact that the deposited balance was wiped out, the math checks out with the player receiving 25% of his bonus winnings due to the amount of completed rollover on his account.

As the discussion took place, SBR inquired on if the online sportsbook would be willing to revisit another cold case, one in which SBR reported that a player had a winning futures bet cancelled after the fact because an intended wagering limit was circumvented - though the limit was never communicated to the player via email or telephone.

BTG Global is considering overruling's management in the case if the player is willing to speak as to the circumstances that led to his placing a maximum limit NHL prop bet; the contention is that he was aware of what was referred to as a system error which caused his player limit to be overridden. SBR has also reached out to this player. players with feedback or issues should write to

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