proposes unfair settlement in wagering dispute

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Sportsbook Review has spoken with the head of the (SBR rating D-) parent company concerning a seven month old player complaint.

SBR reported an update on the case earlier in the week; a player wrote SBR earlier this year indicating that $2,000 in winnings were not paid on an NHL playoffs futures bet.

The player's wager, $350, was on Justin Williams to win the Conn Smythe trophy, the hockey equivalent of the playoffs MVP. He accepted a price that was trading shorter than at other online sportsbooks. does not contest that the wager was fairly priced and not the case of an erroneous line. If the wager was a marginally bad line and not discovered prior to the event going off the board, the player would still have a strong case to be paid the ticket at the correct odds. However, in this case, it is black and white: booked the bet, and must pay the bet.

BTG Global gets involved, backs up action
The owner of software company BTG Global and CEO of Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) commented on the case with SBR, providing information on the player's original deposit and the process with which he was limited to maximum $30 wagers on proposition wagers. The player had been identified as a "sharp" or non-recreational users the same day he signed up and deposited $1000, according to ownership.

It was claimed that the player was dormant for three years and risked his whole balance through five prop wagers. It was never alleged that the player had any reasonable understanding of what his limits were; even if the player was told he had certain limits, it is not a player's responsibility to wager less than what the software accepts. Risk management must decide if it wants a player's business and simply cut him loose and pay all winnings if the software is incapable of enforcing a revised limit.

The player's action was accepted and his wager won. The case is not more complicated than that.

When the player initially filed his complaint, openly refused to speak with SBR on any player complaints. The blacklisted sportsbook continued the wall of silence until November 2014, when SBR contacted the head of BTG Global attempting to revisit the cold case complaint. extends unfair offer to player
The player has been given the option of having the wager graded as if it were placed for $30. has said that they are willing to refund losses accumulated where more than the intended limit of $30 was risked on props; maintaining that a software bug prevented the limit from being enforced.

Sportsbook Review has advised that this practice is unacceptable. Wagers which have action must be honored — Only in extreme cases of fraud or where deposited funds were not truly at risk would there be a scenario in which a player's winnings should be forfeited.

SBR posters hazed for the cockamamie offer; poster "Spedizzo" writes the following in forum thread fraud: "That is unacceptable, it isn't the players fault their system had an error... if the player lost the bet, this book would not only take the $30 max risk, but the entire amount he risked". SBR poster "trytrytry" then piled on with the following: "ok so obvious "F" rating for that book right?".

The players are rightfully upset. In 2014, it is ridiculus for players to be concerned about placing wagers. Unfortunately, there are betting sites where such concern is warranted. SBR advises players to stick with highly rated sportsbooks to avoid hassle come payout time.

Players that require assistance with betting sites should submit a complaint with SBR.

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