player weighs options in cold case complaint

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Sportsbook Review reported on November 14 that (SBR rating D-) proposed an unfair settlement in a cold case wagering dispute originally published by SBR seven months ago.

Since that time, SBR has spoken with both again and the player who filed the complaint. The player is considering a revised settlement. is now willing to pay up to half the value of the ticket. The sportsbook maintains that the player was limited the same day he signed up to $30 max on all props and exotic bets, but that due to a software bug the limit was not properly enforced. SBR countered that the player was never advised of the limit, and even if he were, it is not a player's responsibility to wager less than what the software allows.

It is not uncommon for sportsbooks to adjust player's limits. SBR covered the topic of why betting sites lower limits in a recent article. Reasons include sophisticated play - players being pegged as "wise guys" - only wagering on stale or slow-moving numbers, among other things. Contrary to popular belief, limits are not normally lowered simply for winning bets. It is a sportsbook's right to run their risk management as they see fit, but what a sportsbook cannot do is decide not to pay the full value of legitimate wagers. does disagree with the fact that the NHL futures wager on Justin Williams winning the Conn Smythe was a legitimate line. It was even trading less than the price offered by other online sportsbooks.

SBR has informed the owner of parent company, BTG Global NV, that would continue to be rated at D- and remain on the sportsbook blacklist for as long as this case remains outstanding. A partial settlement is not a fair solution, but the player may wish to accept the money now and hope the sportsbook has a change of heart down the line.

The player is considering his options.

Sportsbook Review will update when the matter is finally resolved.

SBR news host Natalie covered the betting dispute in a recent online sportsbook news video:

Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint.

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