player demands the rest of his wager be paid

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The sports bettor who didn't have the ball bounce his way in the betting dispute against (SBR rating D-) has asked for an update.

The sports betting website controversially decided to pay only 50% of the player's winnings on an NHL prop bet that it contended should not have been placed at the limit the software allowed. accepted a $2,000 wager from the player on Justin Williams winning last year's NHL Conn Smythe award (equivalent to playoffs MVP for those of you outside Canada).

The wager was taken normally through the software, a ticket number assigned, but the bet was initially not honored. Why? The sportsbook claimed they intended to limit the player and in fact did, but a software bug reportedly allowed the player to wager higher than he should have been allowed to.

Making the situation harder to swallow than a butcher's knife is the fact that the player was never once notified of the supposed revised wagering limit. When SBR pressed the sports betting site about this, the book simply said one of their lines managers recognized the player as a wise guy who bet at a previous gaming company.

After several weeks of back and forth, finally agreed to pay the player half of his winnings and not a cent more. The player reluctantly accepted, realizing that he would likely not see any of his winnings should he turn that proposal down.

He confirmed receiving the $1,000 via a transfer to his Skrill account, and is now turning up the pressure for the sports betting website to do the right and pay the remainder of his NHL prop bet. will remain on the scam sportsbook blacklist for as long as the complaint remains unresolved.

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