player claims $2,000 in winnings were confiscated

A (SBR rating D-) player has blogged on the Sportsbook Review forum that more than $2,000 in winnings have been confiscated. He claimed that his deposit was refunded but his winnings were not paid. The bulk of his balance was generated by a winning bet on Justin Williams to win the Conn Smythe Trophy — the NHL's equivalent of the playoffs MVP — and that the wager paid far less than the price offered by online sportsbooks such as Betsson and others. He has claimed that labeled him a "professional bettor" and denied his winnings after closing his account. Sportsbook Review followed up with and its parent company BTG Global NV; no comment was given on the sportsbook dispute. SBR agreed to post a statement on behalf of the sportsbook if one were provided. The dispute remains open. Sportsbook Review will update this report. The player's full complaint can be accessed from the article view of this industry news piece. player's post in full:


This bookmaker does not pay my winnings (account *****). They refunded my deposit but stole my winnings +2000USD. Hit one lottery ticket Justin Williams (what an average player compared to likes of Kopitar, Lundqvist or St Louis) to win Conn Smythe Trophy (NHL playoffs best player). Other bookmakers where offering even much better odds than they did (Betsson offered 21x while had him listed at 16x, I am not sure about this as I can not log in to my account).


Now because I won this bet specific lottery ticket I am a professional bettor (really, all Sunday bettors I know have VIP status on Skrill as the money you need to turnover is like 2000-5000EUR within a period of 12 months) and a professional bettor also because I managed to win actually money from and not lose like 99 % others in a solid sample like 20 bets on my account (which means statistically nothing).

My money were at risk and the limits they offer are smallest in internet (whether they are 30USD or 200USD), most importantly my money were at risk, odds were against me and now I won a small amount of money and they refuse to pay me.





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