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Since SBR's last VIP Sportsbook update on August 16th, an additional two users have reported that they held balances which have not been paid as of August 18th, 2011. The players did not request their funds prior to the August 1st deadline set by VIP Sports after the company closure was announced. VIP Sportsbook, and BetGameday are currently off-line. The total amount of outstanding funds owed to users is now $10,876.

A VIP Sportsbook operations manager claimed that the players who did not request payment in time would receive payment. SBR has followed up to inquire on whether accommodations would also be made for players that did not contact SBR not VIP Sportsbook to arrange to be paid their final balances. SBR will update this sportsbook report as more information becomes available.| VIP Sportsbook players outraged


VIP Sportsbook players:

Please discuss that I was never notified by email. Two weeks notice with NO notification is not acceptable. Is there anyone at that company I can talk to directly.

Have you heard anything from VIP about money people had in their accounts when they closed yet?

I have been reading your posts online and was not notified whatsoever about VIP closing down. I have sent several emails to their online support web address that they list on their current website and have not heard back. Are you aware of any means to get in touch with someone?

The emails came a couple of days after I had emailed and they sent about 7 of them. What is management thinking about on how to give back my money or how to do it. Mail the people back a check less the fees to send it.. Its not like the people don't want their money back. I also dont bet on baseball and they seemed to pick a good time to close (when football, Hockey, and basketball are not being played) Thanks.






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