VIP Sports player never paid balance

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On 15 July 2011, SBR reported that VIP Sports (SBR rating B-) would close its doors. The Curacao based bookmaker announced that as of August 1st it would no longer be in business. VIP, along with sister sportsbooks and instructed players to withdraw their funds by that time. Many seasonal players were taken by surprise when logging on for football season and realizing that the VIP brands were defunct. SBR exhausted all avenues in contacting former VIP personnel and eventually procured a statement that players would be paid. (SBR rating C) surfaced the same week, using the same website skin, web server and telephone number as VIP Sports. SBR interviewed and learned that the sportsbook  acquired the VIP software, hardware and retained key management. attempted to solicit VIP's former clients into depositing; an attempt to capitalize on the brand and kickstart its own business venture. later agreed to pay VIP Sportsbook, BetGameday and players that did not request their funds prior to the 1 August 2011 deadline. A total of $45,995 was owed to players and reportedly paid. GTBets assured SBR that it had attempted to contact all players that held unpaid balances with the VIP brands.

SBR has received a new complaint from a player that states he was never paid a $1,590 balance. SBR is contacting GTBets management to discuss the player's claim. VIP Sports players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form, or write to SBR directly at

UPDATE 26 Jan 2012: The player's deposit ($1,590) was made in November of 2009. The player does not recall wagering with the sportsbook, and has no further information to document that a balance was maintained at VIP. SBR has asked the player to provide more information, and considers this matter closed.

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