Vbet Sportsbook Player to be Paid

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Sportsbook Review reported last week that a Vbet Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player filed a payout complaint.

The player originally deposited €600 on October 22 through Neteller, and worked his balance up to €927.66 before having his wagering limits lowered to just €1.

Online sportsbooks that lower players' wagering limits to an amount that makes fulfilling rollover next to impossible are expected to either restore reasonable betting limits or simply allow the player to cash out along with a prorated portion of the earned bonus.

Vbet has since addressed the complaint with SBR.

Vbet has told SBR that their risk management department flagged the player as an ''arbitrage'' player and have made the business decision that they do not wish to continue accepting his action. Consequently, Vbet has said that the player will be paid the full sum of his balance and have his account permanently suspended, following the conclusion of a security audit.

While it is an acceptable example of risk management to no longer accept a player's bets, the fact that the player has been in limbo for two weeks while this decision was executed, or that the player is still delayed from receiving his funds immediately, is not.

SBR has asked the Vbet player to confirm when he receives his €927.66.

Vbet players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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