Using VPNs to access Online Sportsbooks

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A Sportsbook Review posting forum member has asked if he will have any issues accessing his sportsbook account using a VPN.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, essentially masks your current location and IP address from websites.

The member's question and responses from the SBR forum, as well as SBR's official stance on the matter can be found below:

SBR user 3runhomer: "I have a question for any who have used VPNs in the past. I am moving to another country, and plan to utilize a VPN to access Netflix, WatchESPN (sic), and do most all of my internet surfing on. Will I have issues accessing my sportsbook accounts using this same VPN?"

SBR user Raiders72001: "You won't have any problems accessing your accounts with a VPN. The only problems that you can run into is if you are using a VPN to multi-account."

SBR user dealer wins: "VPN OK for existing accounts, for new accounts dont do it, they will be blocked etc as the book think you are a multi-account scammer."

The above answers are not entirely accurate. If you are a player who resides in Canada and decide to use a US VPN at an online sportsbook which does not accept your country, you might find that your access to that online sportsbook gets temporarily disabled, depending on the number of security protocols in place.

It is best for players who are using a VPN to access services like Netflix or Hulu to simply not be connected to their VPN when logging into or placing wagers with their online sportsbook.

Even if you are using a VPN for privacy reasons or the location of your VPN is not in conflict with the countries accepted at your online sportsbook, it is better to be safe than sorry and let your online sportsbook know if you plan on altering your IP address for any reason whatsoever.

Using VPNs for nefarious purposes is a bad idea, as most reputable online sportsbooks have significantly robust software in place to catch would-be troublemakers or sportsbook bonus abusers.

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