US President Betting Market Watch: Sharp bettors on Hillary Clinton?

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US President Betting List

Online sportsbook GTBets (SBR rating B) has released political betting props.

Sportsbook Review first reported two weeks ago on the creation of a new prop betting comparison guide for betting on politics.

The directory shows all top sports betting website markets on who will be the next US President broken down by category.

Sports bettors will find that by using the shopping guide at Sportsbook Review, finding the best outright odds on the upcoming presidential election is made simple and intuitive. Whether it is a wager on the next Commander in Chief, the official Republican or Democrat nominee, or any miscellaneous long shot prop bet being wagered on, line shopping for the best price is made easy

Below is a summary of some of the shortest (most likely) and longest (most unlikely) bets on the board as of this publication.

Next United States of America President (notable changes listed after |'s)
Hillary Clinton: +100 to -150 | 10 cents of fluctuation since SBR's last update two weeks ago which capped at -140. This mini-movement can serve as a validation for any bettor who is sitting on a price in the +100 neighborhood, as whenever you can beat the market by even 10 cents, let alone 50, you have made a highly valuable play.

Jeb Bush: +325 to +400: | The longest payoff on Jeb Bush being the third member of his family to hold the presidency is +400, down 50 cents from two weeks ago.

Marco Rubio: +550 to +800 | The market has considerably moved away from Marco Rubio, with a $100 wager paying up to $250 more today than it would have two weeks ago. If you believe Rubio is the next President, you might want to wait until the dust settles and see just how far the market takes his stock; sometimes, the market moving against you is a sign that your handicapping is mistaken, as SBR readers know.

Elizabeth Warren: +800 to +1500 | Those who believe a female is the next US President but who aren't making their beds with Hillary may be doing so with Elizabeth Warren, as a $100 wager on Warren today pays on average $500 less than it did two weeks ago.

Michael Bloomberg: +2500 | The market was 50 to 1 for Michael Bloomberg just two weeks ago, but the average betting odds on Bloomberg as the next US President have been sliced in half at 25 to 1.

Donald Trump: +6600 | Donald Trump is still trading at a high of 66 to 1, but the odds available vary greatly as some sports betting websites are spreading as low as 25 to 1 on the outspoken celeb being the next US President.

Gender of next US President
Online sportsbooks are taking bets on whether it will be a male or female US President: You have to lay $115 to win $100 on a man taking the presidency, and a $100 wager on a female emerging victorious pays $105.

Sportsbook Review also lists a range of nominee related prop bets for the upcoming US Presidential Election. See all Presidential Prop Bets.

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