US Election Odds: Donald Trump Has a Rough August with Sportsbooks

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It hasn't been a kind August to the Donald.

Trump's odds were 2 to 1 to close July, but have since almost doubled at some online sportsbooks. Still, bettors who got in early and predicted Trump would end up becoming the Repulican nominee hold tickets that pay as much as 66 to 1 if Trump does the unthinkable and becomes the next Commander-in-Chief of the United States. Many of the gamblers have been posting at SBR Forum in a 75-page discussion thread.

As far as prop betting markets are concerned, sportsbooks are taking bets on a wide range of outcomes including individual state electoral voting, dark horse winners who presently aren't on the Presidential tickets, and more. For example with the state electoral voting market, Trump winning in the state of Florida returns the odds of +220, while Clinton's odds are -300 (a $300 wager pays $100).

Speech specific prop bets are also expected to be released soon for the upcoming Presidential and Vice President candidate debates. Betting sites previously took bets on speeches during the GOP and Democrat nominee acceptance speeches, which caused some complaints from players a la the always headache-inducing Super Bowl prop bets on the national anthem.

Bettors can shop for all political odds markets on offer from sportsbooks using the election betting page.

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