US Election Betting: Jeb Bush exits race & Trump's odds improve

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Republican candidate Jeb Bush pulled out of the race for President on Saturday.

Bush was a 35 to 1 underdog at most online sportsbooks and his withdrawal was considered by many pundits as inevitable.

Party frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are continuing to gain momentum with primary victories and remain favored by betting sites to secure their respective nomination.

Sportsbook Review has compiled a list of the 2016 US Election betting odds. The online sportsbooks shown are in good standing with players.

Trump is +370 to win the election: bettors who wagered on Trump originally received as high as +6600 odds, meaning a $100 wager would return $6,600 in profit, whereas now the same bet pays merely $370.

Marco Rubio is priced at +400 to win the election for the Republican party, and Ted Cruz a +3000 shot.

Clinton has been favored throughout to win the 2016 election as well as to secure the Democratic party's nominee. The cheapest price on the former first lady is -140, meaning a $140 wager is required to win $100. Bernie Sanders is priced at 10 to 1.

Sportsbook Review encourages online sports bettors to bookmark the US President betting odds directory.

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