US Attorney Submits Forfeiture Request in Legends Sports case

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US Attorney Mark A. Yancey submitted a 63 page forfeiture request last week seeking a massive financial judgment against Legends Sports founder Bartice "Luke" King and six other individuals and one corporation.

The proposed findings of fact document summarizes that a jury convicted Bartice King of conducting an illegal gambling business and conspiracy to commit money laundering on April 30 of last year.

"Because criminal forfeiture is mandatory, the primary issue before a sentencing court is not whether to issue a forfeiture order, but rather the size and scope of the order," wrote Mark A. Yancey.

"In total, the United States submits that Mr. King and the defendants convicted of RICO counts are subject to a money judgment in the amount of $231,432,686.73, which includes the extrapolated figures. (Exhibit C89);(¶¶ 49-51) (discussing the deposits into Global Data Payment Systems’ bank account). In the alternative, without extrapolation, Legendz Sports’ agents proceeds totals plus deposits into accounts held by Legendz entities yields a total of $98,911,830.31 ($99,156,966.86 including the money orders) for purposes of imposing a money judgment against Mr. King and the other forfeiture defendants."

King Acquitted of RICO Count
King was rather sensationally acquitted on the most serious charge against him (RICO), despite others being convicted of RICO counts.

Judge Stephen P. Friot denied King's request for an acquittal of the other two charges or a new trial last July.

A financial criminal forfeiture is the next step in a case that began April 14 of 2015 in the Western District of Oklahoma. The indictment against King and Legendz was unsealed in March of 2013.

Sportsbook Review will report once Judge Friot issues his sentencing against Bartice King.

"The Greek" Receives Probation
SBR reported that Spiros "The Greek" Athanas received one year of probation for his initial involvement with Legends Sports (then Legendz). Athanas pled guilty to three counts of aiding and abetting a gambling enterprise and transmission of wagering information.

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