Update: Otobet.com addresses ID complaint

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Sportsbook Review reported yesterday that an Otobet.com player was accused of submitting a fake ID and was subsequently denied the withdrawal of his €2,400 balance.

The player countered that his ID is legitimate and believed that the sports betting site was making an excuse to deny the payment of his winnings.

The online sportsbook shared their thought process with SBR and circumstantial facts that support the possibility that the player's ID was forged.

SBR has asked the betting site if it would be willing to reconsider their stance if the player is able to mail a notarized copy of his ID documents via ground mail.

Three countries were recently barred from receiving bonuses at the sportsbook, and risk management believes abusers are attempting to circumvent the restriction to receive extra sportsbook bonus cash.

Online sports bettors are required to show proof of ID to online sportsbooks so that they can comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure in place.

The reason that the KYC procedure is important and must be carried out was covered by Sportsbook Review in a 2015 editorial. SBR recently released tips for bettors to expedite the KYC process.

SBR is presently in the process of evaluating Otobet for inclusion into the online sportsbooks rating guide.

Otobet.com bettors in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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